Brush and Pump

Roberto Milk brushing teeth and exercisingOf all things fitness, I think this is one of the true secrets to daily health… and it is the easiest!

Every morning, when you brush your teeth, do some type of aerobic activity to get your heart pumping.

First, get an electric toothbrush with a 2 minute timer.

Next, start brushing and moving at the same time.

Make sure to brush well, that distracts you from the physical exertion.

And try to move actively for 2 minutes until the toothbrush alarm sounds.

I use a kick routine.  Why?  Because it is good for stretching too.  Try it.

I promise this simple daily activity will change your life.

The key is routine.  Do it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

There are countless studies that show that an increase in your heart rate is very healthy. This NPR story is a good one about how revving up your heart rate, even a bit, pays off.

If you have 30 minutes, then great!  But let’s be realistic.  We’re entrepreneurs.

We don’t have 30 minutes. We have 2 minutes – and it better be while we’re doing something else that we have to do like brushing our teeth.

Are you breathing hard after your two minutes?  If you did my kick routine, then you are.

Now get on with your day.  Go out there and kick some ass, entrepreneur.

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